Recommendations for setting a Web Hosting account

Setting up a new web hosting account for hosting your website is pretty straight forward, specially when you know the essential steps. 

Based on our personal recommendations, here are a few setps that will help you get things done right away:

1. Registering a Domain Name
If you do not have a domain name already, you can register one with a company we use: Click here to Register your Domain Name with Godaddy.

2. Get a Web Hosting account
For smaller sites (personal sites, blogs, etc) we  recommend that you Host your website on Godaddy.
For bigger sites, we suggest going with a dedicated server. Click here to Get a Dedicated Web Server from Liquidweb.

3. Pointing your Domain Name to your Web Host

  • Once you sign up for a web hosting account with any of the companies above, you will be given an IP address. Copy that and visit your domain registrar (like Godaddy)
  • Go to Manage Domains
  • Click on your domain name you want to use
  • Click on Manage DNS. You will see a list of DNS settings.
  • Click on Edit link for type - A
  • In the "points to" text box, enter the IP address given by the hosting  company.
  • Click Save

4. Upload your Web Site / Web Application
Once you have done the above, you can access your web server using your domain name. Now you can upload your website to the public_html folder on the hosting server provided to you.

If you are using a 3rd party company to work on your website, you can create a new FTP user for giving them access, so they can upload the website or web application for you. 

If you have any questions regarding the above, and need a little help, feel free to contact us and we will gladly help you setup your web hosting account / web server.