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Recommendations for setting a Web Hosting account

Setting up a new web hosting account for hosting your website is pretty straight forward, specially when you know the essential steps. 

Based on our personal recommendations, here are a few setps that will help you get things done right away:

1. Registering a Domain Name
If you do not have a domain name already, you can register one with a company we use: Click here to Register your Domain Name with Godaddy.

How to get a website developed (step 2 - 4)

Earlier in this article we discussed the importance of identifying the primary goal of building your new website. The next step is to plan your content for the website including graphics, pictures, text, videos, etc.

Step 2: Prepare your content (or get it prepared)

Content is king.

How to get a website developed?

As we drill down into the world of website development, we need to separate a website from a web application. A website (as referred to in other sections of our website) is your web presence, which is exposed to your end users (clients, readers, audience) and usually has a call to action such as having users reach out to you, subscribe to your email list, submit a form, download brochures, read about your company, order your products or services, become a lead, etc.