Recommendations for setting a Web Hosting account

Setting up a new web hosting account for hosting your website is pretty straight forward, specially when you know the essential steps. 

Based on our personal recommendations, here are a few setps that will help you get things done right away:

1. Registering a Domain Name
If you do not have a domain name already, you can register one with a company we use: Click here to Register your Domain Name with Godaddy.

How to get a website developed?

As we drill down into the world of website development, we need to separate a website from a web application. A website (as referred to in other sections of our website) is your web presence, which is exposed to your end users (clients, readers, audience) and usually has a call to action such as having users reach out to you, subscribe to your email list, submit a form, download brochures, read about your company, order your products or services, become a lead, etc.