How to get a website developed?

As we drill down into the world of website development, we need to separate a website from a web application. A website (as referred to in other sections of our website) is your web presence, which is exposed to your end users (clients, readers, audience) and usually has a call to action such as having users reach out to you, subscribe to your email list, submit a form, download brochures, read about your company, order your products or services, become a lead, etc. 

On the other end, a web application generally refers to a web based software that allows you to perform various data related tasks like lead managent system where you and your teams can work on them using a workflow (like once you receive a lead, the marketing team will call the potential customer and sell them your service, email them, call them, make notes and collaborate with other team members or departments and change the status of the lead accordingly). Facebook is a web application, is a web application that interacts with their backend to perform functions like performing a search, displaying relevant ads, etc.

At Rase Solutions Inc, we specialize in both website as well as web application development, so we will talk about them separately as there project management and goals are quite different.

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Let's start with the steps that will give you a good understanding about how to go about getting a website developed. If you already have a website and need someone to help you redesign your website, or help you with Internet Marketing or Search Engine Optimization, you may still like to read the below information to get a good feel of whether you have all the necessary information or not.

Step 1. Understanding your requirement.

It goes without saying that you need to know what you want, but you will be surprised to know how many people come to us without pre-defined goals about  their website requirements. Find out your specific goal for  your website:

  • Are you selling a product or service that you want your customers to buy from you?
  • Are you going to have a lead capture form so you can capture contact information (emails, phone numbers, etc) from your visitors?
  • Are you setting up the website to promote a brand, person, band, company, entity, etc?
  • Are you setting up a website with the primary intention to spread your word, share information, pictures, videos, etc?
  • Are you planning to showcast your work, art, portfolio, etc?

Once you have a goal,  you can get a clear idea of what route you need to take and how to communicate this information with your web development company:
"We are looking for a website where we can sell our products, as well as capture leads and show our work". 

This simple sentence will help the company understand that you would probably need an ecommerce solution which requires payment solutions, and a dashboard where you can see your purchases, payments and customer information. The company will also know that they need to implement an email marketing company for lead capture and use the latest technologies to share your work with your visitors, and may need to add content over time as your portfolio grows.

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